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Zastava PAP M77 .308 Winchester WOOD 20-Round Black


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The semi-automatic PAP M77 series sporting rifle was created on the operating principle of the M70 automatic rifle. Chambered in the proven and powerful .308 caliber, the PAP M77 is an accurate, easy to control rifle platform for shooters of all types. It comes standard with an adjustable gas system to tune the rifle to various extreme environments. Capable of functioning in all environments, its rugged, reliable, no-nonsense features make the PAP M77 an excellent excellent addition to your hunting and sporting rifle collection.

.308 Winchester/7.62×51 NATO
Semi-automatic gas operated system with adjustable gas block
Double-stack bolt
1.5mm bulged trunnion receiver
Cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel
One (1) 20-round magazine included
Only accepts Zastava Pattern .308 M77 mags
Bolt hold open notch on safety selector
Adjustable front & rear iron sights
19.7″ threaded cold hammer forged barrel

Manufacturer’s Part #ZR77308W

UPC: 685757098731

This item must be received through an FFL. Please have your preferred dealer email their FFL to general@ibexarmament.com referencing your name and order number.


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