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Wilson Combat WC-10 Lower Receiver Parts Kit


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The parts to complete a custom WC-10 rifle lower receiver and the same parts they use in their shop for their custom WC-10 style rifles. This kit includes a right hand safety selector. As WC-10 style lowers have an integral trigger guard, no trigger guard or pin included. There are no fire control parts (Hammer, Trigger, Disconnector, Springs) included in this kit. Note-these parts are intended for use in a Wilson Combat WC-10 lower receiver only.

Wilson Combat Bullet Proof Bolt Release WC-10

Bolt Catch Screw for WC-10 Billet Lower

Bolt Catch Plunger, Bolt Catch Roll Pin, Bolt Catch Spring

Magazine Catch, Magazine Catch Spring

Magazine Catch Button

WC-10 Pivot Pin, WC-10 Takedown pin

2x Pivot/Takedown detents, 2x Pivot/Takedown detent springs

Safety Detent, Safety Detent Spring

Semi-auto safety selector (right-handed)

2x Trigger/Hammer Pin


Manufacturer’s Part #TR-LOWERK-10

UPC: 810025502324


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