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Wilson Combat BCM Gunfighter Starburst Grip for AR Rifles, Matte Black


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The Wilson Combat-Bravo Company Starburst Gunfighter Grip is one of the more comfortable and ergonomic grips available for the AR15. Easy installed with a large flat head screwdriver, this high quality grip has become one of the leaders in the AR15 market in a very short time. This nearly unbreakable polymer construction has a comfortable, natural grip angle for dynamic shooting and molded Wilson Combat exclusive Starburst design pattern for a sure grip. A water-resistant storage area is perfect for keeping lube or batteries.

The BCM Gunfighter Grip (GFG) features:

Reduced angle for improved ergonomics.

Hinged trap door offering storage inside the grip with a water resistant rubber gasket.

Made in the USA and manufactured from high-quality impact-resistant polymers.

Mod-3 has rear tang filler for a larger grip to fit gloved and non-gloved users.

Exclusive Wilson Combat Starburst pattern for a signature look and improved traction.


Manufacturer’s Part #TR-GRIP-BLK

UPC: 811826024558


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