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Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro/365/365X/365XL 17-Round 9mm Magazine


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Factory Sig Sauer 17-round steel magazine for the P365-XMacro. This magazine includes rear witness holes to confirm loaded capacity and an orange follower making it easy to identify when unloaded. While it comes configured for the P365-XMacro,  two additional interchangeable floor plates are included to accommodate the grip length differences of the P365, P365X, and P365XL. Sounds like while they thought the X-Macro was the gun of the future, the magazines are really the futuristic component.

Also available as repair/rebuild kits.

  • 17-Round Capacity
  • 9mm
  • Two additional floor plates
  • Fits P365, P365X, P365-XMacro, and P365XL
  • Steel construction

Manufacturer’s Part #8900804

UPC: 798681660254


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