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Radian Weapons Vertex Trigger


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The Radian Vertex Trigger was designed with functional ergonomics at the center of the design philosophy. The trigger bow is positioned forward of the traditional bow location, enhancing the shooter’s ability to make a straight-back trigger break, and reducing potential for “left and down” or “right and down” trigger pull.

The single stage Vertex Trigger features a crisp, 3.5-4 pound break and short reset. The Vertex Trigger’s bow is constructed from 1144 carbon steel, and the hammer from precision machined S7 shock resistant tool steel. The hammer is then wire-EDM finished in the interface areas. The components are captured in a lightweight aluminum housing. The Vertex Trigger is compatible with the AR15 platform, with a design that prevents pin walkout even when using standard hammer and trigger pins.


Manufacturer’s Part #ACC-0016

UPC: 817093027407


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