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Radian Weapons P365 XMACRO TRU-17 ™ Magazine Base Pad


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The TRU-17 ™ Magazine Base Pad is a direct replacement part compatible with P365 XMACRO magazines. The design of the TRU-17 ™ allows users to more easily load the full 17 rounds into the magazine. The TRU-17 ™ base pad adds weight to the bottom of the magazine which aids in dropping empty magazines. A larger grip surface allows users to index spare magazines from holsters for quicker reloads while also being able to easily extract a stuck magazine.


Aircraft grade aluminum


Two (2) TRU-17 Magazine Base Pads


Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO Magazine


Manufacturer’s Part #H0023

UPC: 810098420556


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