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Radian Weapons P365 XMACRO Backstrap & Magwell


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The Radian P365 XMACRO Backstrap and Magazine Well were designed in tandem to provide users with a rock-solid and enhanced grip on one of the most popular everyday-carry firearms on the market today – The Sig Sauer P365.

The P365 XMACRO Backstrap features aggressive and deep channels which maximize contact surface and enhance overall grip, all while remaining forgiving on the hands. The palm swell allows for a repeatable connection resulting in more control of the firearm. This consistency leads to improved performance/accuracy and quicker follow-up shots.

The P365 XMACRO Magazine Well also aids in hand positioning by providing another key point of contact at the bottom of the grip module. The enhanced feed walls ensure reliable tactical and administrative reloading while maintaining a streamlined design. The low-profile characteristics of the system limits printing while concealed carrying as well as reducing snagging occurrences during holstering and unholstering. The Magazine Well maintains compatibility with all OEM XMACRO magazines and base plates/extensions.

The Radian P365 XMACRO Backstrap and Magazine Well install using a precision machined dovetail interface with spring-loaded retention stud to lock the two components in place – no screws to come loose or break.


Aircraft grade aluminum


1 – Backstrap
1 – Magazine Well
1 – Retention Stud & Spring
1 – Retention Stud Tool

Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO Grip Module


Manufacturer’s Part #H0014

UPC: 810098420495


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