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Radian Weapons AFTERBURNER and RAMJET (GEN 4)


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The Radian® AFTERBURNER™ + RAMJET™ combo provide unprecedented recoil reduction and match grade accuracy in a concealed carry package. The thread-less barrel design allows for effortless install/removal for cleaning, while remaining 50-state legal*.The AFTERBURNER™ compensator is machined from hardened 17- 4 SS and the RAMJET™ barrel from hardened 416R SS; both are enhanced with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating.  This combination achieves low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance, making overall durability and erosion from muzzle blast a non-issue. The INTRA-LOK® mounting system uses the taper lock principle; a tapered locking screw interfaces with an angled V-groove on the underside of the barrel. This perfectly times the compensator as it locks down onto the upper barrel profile on the muzzle end of the barrel. INTRA-LOK® allows the user to simply slide the compensator over the barrel, insert and tighten the locking screw, making for a simple and repeatable installation process. This system allows the user to easily remove the barrel from the slide for cleaning. Installed onto a Glock™ G19™, the AFTERBURNER™ + RAMJET™ combo increases the overall length of the slide to a G17 ® allowing compatibility with all G17 holsters. Angled front faces on the AFTERBURNER aid in holstering. This combination kit is for:  GLOCK™ G19 Gen 4(or compatible) *Certain municipalities or counties may restrict its use and certain states may restrict usage under some circumstances. Before installation on your firearm, we recommend you review your state and local laws to determine whether your use is compliant in your jurisdiction. Manufacturer’s Part #G19G4-IL-RNUPC: 817093028725


Radian Weapons


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