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Magpul DAKA Takeout Large Black


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TheMagpul DAKA Takeout Large is an 8.88-liter kit bag that includes the same reinforced polymer fabric and features of the rest of Magpul’s popular DAKA line. It has an expanded storage area that makes it an exceptional on-the-go auto emergency kit, at-home toolkit, range bag, or other readiness kit where you need extra space and organization. The 18.5-inch, full-length YKK AquaGuard water-repellent zipper provides easy access to your gear. For larger items, the two quick-release buckles located on each side can be released for a taller and wider opening. In addition to the two side buckles, two carrying handles located on the top of the bag make handling the Takeout easy, even with heavier loads. The reinforced base also provides structure and support when stowing heavy or bulky items. The carrying straps can be unbuckled and looped around an elevated object so you can hang the Takeout Large off the ground.

Manufacturer’s Part #MAG1197-001

UPC: 840815133797