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HUXWRX Safety Company Flow 556K – Includes Flash Hider


An innovative multi-caliber suppressor with patented and proven Flow-Through® and Torque Lock® technology. It is designed to reduce signature without negatively impacting cycling or service life. The FLOW 556k is DMLS printed in 17-4 Stainless. It delivers superior toxic fume exposure mitigation, flash reduction, sound reduction, recoil reduction, accuracy, and repeatability by its unique Flow-Through® helical coil and core deflector design. It is full-auto rated and compatible on 5.56, 17 HMR, and 5.7 platforms. The integrated flash cap geometry effectively mitigates flash as part of its overall signature reduction functionality.

Compatible with Muzzle Brake-QD 556 and Flash Hider-QD 556.

The FLOW 556k is fully 3D-printed in 17-4 stainless steel and is coated with C-series high temperature Cerakote®. Designed with the tried-and-true Flow-Through® technology, toxic gases are deflected forward through the suppressor and away from the shooter. The result is industry leading durability, size, and noise reduction.


Weight: 11.9-12.9 ounces

Length: 5.5 inches

Diameter 1.8 in / 4.6 cm

Flow Through Design

3D-Printed Titanium

Manufacturer’s Part #2450

UPC: 706433763566



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