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HUXWRX Safety Company BLASTPHEMY Blast Deflector Multi-Cal FDE


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This multi-caliber blast deflector is constructed with 17-4 stainless steel and is compatible with all HUXWRX HX-QD Muzzle Brakes and Flash Hiders (up to .338). It was designed to redirect the blast forward protecting the shooter and bystanders from micro-concussions and overpressure. Additionally, it doubles as a thread protector for your muzzle device. It is ideal for shooting against cover and/or in the prone position. Similar to HUXWRX muzzle devices, the Blastphemy is coated with QPQ black nitride which case-hardens the surface for greater durability and corrosion resistance. This product is NOT compatible with the Bannar or Comp-STS muzzle devices.

Flat Dark Earth
Compatible with HUXWRX HX-QD Muzzle Devices
Diverts blast forward, away from shooter and bystanders
Ideal for shooting prone
Nitride Coated


Manufacturer’s Part #2653

UPC: 706433763764


HUXWRX Safety Co.