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Holosun Technologies HM3XT Magnifier


3X, check. Titanium, check. Your shopping cart? Check.

The HM3XT is a Titanium bodied 3X magnifier that includes a quick release, flip-to-side mount with Absolute and Lower 1/3 Co-witness mounting solutions. Additional features include 2.75” of eye relief, IP67 certified water resistance, with windage and elevation adjustment for precision zeroing.

The box comes with the quick-detach mount, the user manual, and the T10 L Key needed for adjustment.

Manufacturer Part #HM3XT



5 reviews for Holosun Technologies HM3XT Magnifier

  1. Robert T. (verified owner)

    Great produce, great company. 10/10

  2. Andrew W. (verified owner)

    Haven’t use product yet but seller is gtg!

  3. Alexander (verified owner)

    Never heard of this company before, but shipping was good, product was as described and had a great price, Ibex Armament ticked all the boxes.

    100% would order again

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Chris Preston

    Chris (verified owner)

    If I need a Holosun product, I just buy it from Ibex so I have a chance to email with Hunter. 10/10 customer service, for real. Can’t say the same about their competitors.

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