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HK Magazine for MR556, 5.56 NATO, 30-Round, Black


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Available as Magazine Repair/Rebuild Kits. Magazine Repair/Rebuild Kits CANNOT be shipped to CA, NY, or WA at this time. Please see the Magazine Repair/Rebuild Kit page for information regarding Magazine Repair/Rebuild Kits. If you require Magazine Repair/Rebuild Kits, simply order this product and mention it in your order notes. Active-duty LE/MIL can receive regular magazines for duty-use.


Designed to provide optimum ammunition feeding for any M16/M4/AR15-type weapon, the Heckler & Koch 30-Round steel magazine can be used in any firearm that uses a NATO-standard 5.56 mm magazine. Originally developed by HK for the British L85 (SA80) & L86 weapons, this curved 30-round magazine has been combat-proven by U.S. special operations forces and foreign military units. The 30-Round Steel Magazine features a well-executed design; select materials, special anti-friction maritime surface finish, advanced spring material, attention to production tolerance, and steel magazine housing and follower.


Manufacturer’s Part #251770S

UPC: 642230248311


Heckler & Koch


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