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EOTech Vudu 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope SR-1 (First Focal Plane)


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Thinking about signing up for your first 3-gun competition? Here’s your sign. Do it.

This is a scope that you’ll love on your AR, or your favorite bolt action hunting gun. The Vudu 1-6x24mm considers durability and accuracy as necessary in its design, and it shows. This scope is the perfect solution for short-to-medium-range applications whether it be for 3-gun competition shooting, or serious backcountry hunting. The EOTECH Speed Ring reticle allows for fast target engagement at low power, but at higher power provides the resolution and accuracy required to tackle longer shots. 500 hours of battery life, auto shut-off, push-button illumination controls, smooth operation, and anti-reflection lens coating standard. The popularity surrounding this scope is no mystery. Inside the box you’ll receive: Vudu® 1-6x24mm rifle scope, operator manual (if you can read it’s helpful), SR1 reticle manual (again, literacy is helpful), throw lever, lens cloth, and a battery.

About the SR-1 Reticle:

The SR-1 incorporates the iconic EOTECH illuminated speed ring along with a hashmarked inner crosshair reticle that uses MRAD sub-tension lines for ranging, holdover and wind compensation. The first focal plane design allows for lightning fast target acquisition using the speed ring at the lower power settings. When the magnification setting is dialed up, the speed ring disappears from view and the inner crosshair comes in to view for more precision on longer range shots.

Product Information

Manufacturer: EOTech

Model: Vudu®

Overall Length: 10.63″ (270 mm)

Weight: 20.1oz. (570 g)

Magnification: 1-6x

Reticle: SR1

Tube Diameter: 30mm

Objective Diameter: 24mm

Power Source: CR2032 battery (~500 hours of use)

Eye Relief:

1x: 3.27-3.94″ (83-100 mm)

6x: 3.23-3.94″ (82-100 mm)

100 Yd. Field of View:

1x: 102.4′ (31.2 m)

6x: 16.7′ (5.09 m)

Made in Japan

Manufacturer Part #VDU1-6FFSR1


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