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DURAMAG SS® AR10/SR25 Pattern 20-Round Magazine .308 Winchester/7.62NATO


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In extreme conditions, and for harsh use, skip the plastic.Hard-hitting calibers demand serious magazines. DURAMAG SS ® SR25 pattern mags are made from a single piece of laser-welded 410 Stainless Steel and protected with T-360®- applied coating. This is a magazine that can truly withstand the test of time, and hard use. C Products Defense took great care to design this magazine to be the best option for precision shooters but also for heavy full-auto use. Precision shooters will enjoy a a beautiful COAL of 2.87″ for their long-range shooting while knowing that their magazine will also feed as fast as needed, every time. The DURAMAG SS® magazine is the choice for Military units across the world.Plastic works fine for toys and casual use, say LARPING in the backyard during your next boys’ weekend glamping trip, but proves unstable in extreme environments, vulnerable to changes in humidity, and unable to retain shape during extended use. DURAMAG® is the one magazine design that you can rely on during a sunny day at the range, frozen night on the tundra, in the sands of the desert, or pulling from long-term storage. Relentless reliability because a firearm is only as good as its magazine. Plus, C Products Defense, owner of DURAMAG, offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY against raw material and manufacturing defects. Manufacturer: DURAMAG®Model: DURAMAG SS™ (Stainless Steel)Color: BlackConstruction: 410 Stainless Steel Body, Plastic Follower, Everflex Spring, T-360™ CoatingCapacity: 20Manufacturer Part #2008041185CPDUPC: 766897411298 




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