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DURAMAG 10-Round 9MM Colt Pattern DURAMAG SS™ Magazine Black


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DURAMAG™ set out to re-design and perfect the Colt pattern 9mm magazines for the AR-15. With the DURAMAG SS™ you can feel confident that it will feed the widest variety of 9×19 ammunition, even defensive hollow points and heavy sub-sonic loads. 9mm AR-15 magazine have always been notoriously stubborn to load, but loading the last round is just as easy as loading the first round with a DURAMAG™ SS. Other magazines fail when filling to capacity: DURAMAG™ will outlast and outperform all others, first round to last.

Available in 10, 20, and 30-round variants.


Manufacturer’s Part #1009041178CPD

UPC: 766897412127