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Ban State Magazine Repair/Rebuild Kits

Check a Repair/Rebuild Kit’s Availability Here – Request a Kit

We ship magazine repair/rebuild kits to states where standard capacity magazines are not available for purchase, AND where rebuild kits are not forbidden.

As such, we DO NOT *currently* ship to CA, NY, or WA. 

Repair/rebuild kits contain all the parts needed to repair magazines you already own. Each magazine rebuild kit costs the same as a regular magazine because we don’t intend to penalize you for anti-2A you aren’t responsible for.

 Magazine repair/rebuild kits are available for a vast array of firearms, in a wide selection of calibers, and from a major selection of manufacturers.

If you don’t see the magazine repair/rebuild kit you’d like on the site, just use the form up top to request the ones you’d like. We either have it and it’s not on the site, or we can get it.

Orders for repair/rebuild kits < $100 incur a $10 shipping fee. Orders cancelled due to being ordered to a CA, NY, or WA will incur a 4% fee due to lost card processing fees.